The "L" word.

behind the method Aug 02, 2021

They throw it around wayyyy too much. 

But it means something different to everyone you talk to. 

The roofer thinks of it differently than the Realtor. 

The web guy thinks of it differently than the digital marketing nerd.

It’s not that any of them are wrong, just that when one says it, they’re making a big assumption by thinking that you have the same definition.

The “L” word is: Leads

We’ve started working it out of our vernacular because too many marketing people are cavalier about what it means. 

Does it mean a website visitor?
Does it mean a call?
Does it mean a website form fill?
Does it mean an appointment?

When it comes to measuring your marketing effectiveness, there’s a better label than “leads.”


Because the only thing that ultimately matters is that you get a chance to do business with a potential customer. 


We call these: Selling Opportunities.

Next time you hear the “L” word, dig in and ask, “Did this create a real opportunity to do business with that customer? Or just some hogwash hype that didn’t really do anything for my business?”

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